A solo exhibition by Seudo

"bestiario carries itself the premise that we are the beasts that have come to devour everything, even ourselves"
Stephan Van Kuyk

The first solo exhibition of Suedo in Berlin. An exploration of his unique creatures and pictorial elements.

Bestiario is inspired by current events, with the expansion of neoliberalism as an economic, social and political system on a global scale.

In Bestiario the different forms of life that were represented in Exogenesis (previous series) are represented, but from an aggressive and sarcastic perspective. A crude approach both in the subject matter and in the aesthetic treatment of the work, in which aerosol and oil are added as tools with a certain preponderance (giving a pop tinge) as well as collage of paint with scraps of other paintings, in addition to the classic acrylics and markers used in previous works.

Here we can appreciate some of the characters, as demons, expressing their anger towards humanity, as if these species were answering to the actions of society towards the planet Earth. Either through the exploitation of natural resources, or in the representation of the social relations between people in a civilization totally absorbed by consumption, greed vanity and the ode to money. In one way or another, these characters invite us to reflect on where and how we stand before the world.