48 Hours Neukölln

An group exhibition inspired by Pranayama - The fusion of body and mind through breathing exercises in Yogic teachings. Our goal is to stimulate the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

The centerpiece of the exhibition will be a collaborative, interdisciplinary installation. The combination of multiple techniques and guided breathing exercises creates an interactive experience in which visitors get empowered and connected with themselves.

With a variety of media such as painting, tape art, interactive installations, sculpture, digitally and olfactory elements, visitors will encounter the theme of “AIR” and thus be stimulated in a very diverse way, to multidimensional reflections.


Adam Paquette & Orsola Carraro / COLLECTIVE SHAPING, painting, illustration, movement research, pranayama

Michael Weingart / TAPE OVER, tape art & installation

LaMia Michna / TAPE OVER, tape art & installation

Claas Selck & Julia Fröstler / Asihochzwei, TAPE OVER, tape art & installation

Alina Abke / beading art

Ruth Best / painting & costume design

Rachel Bachem / illustration & tattoo art

Aaron Koolik / video art & experimental photography

Valére Mougeot / painting & sculpture

Luca Bendandi / VETRO EDITIONS, publishing, graphic design & sculpture

Kazik Pagoda / XEMANTIC, generative art

Prachtsaal Studio
Prachtsaal Studio