Open call to all artists

We’re looking for someone to join us at Prachtsaal Studio, our beautiful open space in Neukölln (halfway between U-Leinestraße and U-Hermannstraße)!

You’ll be meeting Chloe (painter), Zack (multidisciplinary artist), Julia (illustrator/psychologist), Kazik (generative artist), Lamia (tape artist/mixed media artist), Marta (illustrator/graphic designer), Martyna (painter), Robert (tape artist/installation artist), Stephan (mixed media artist), Valerio (painter/graphic designer), Liza (visual poet), Mason (video artist), Hani (photographer, video/installation artist), Abe (generative/computational artist), Claudine (multidisciplinary artist), Grit (animator, visual and generative artist), and more!

Here is the catalog of our work.

The open space (area: 342 m2) is divided in a total of 10 ateliers. We seek one person to share an atelier with the existing tenant, available as of now.

Unit 9b available for rent. €233.52/month for 10 m<sup>2</sup>.
Unit 9b available for rent. €233.52/month for 10 m2.

You’re super welcome to drop by and check the spaces in person while also meeting us.

Additionally, there’s a nice luminous foyer that we’re currently using for our exhibitions, a kitchen, a Kellar, a garden (80 m2), a wood workshop, and an area (50 m2) which will be soon made into a venue suitable for events (such as workshops, concerts, art exhibitions, etc.).

On this note, it’s important to add that most of the current tenants are in the process of forming a non-profit cooperative (Genossenschaft): if you’re interested in collaborating with us and shape the vision of Prachtsaal as an artistic nexus of culture and education, we’ll be more than happy to share further information with you and consider your application as one of the members.


If you are interested, please send your application to: including your portfolio, and an artist CV. If you don't have a CV, no worries, please send us any links to your online presence, and a list of relevant performances, exhibitions, residencies, or education. The space is only to be used as an art atelier, so we just would like to see that you do have an art practice of some kind.

Next steps