Prachtsaal Studio

Neukölln's non-profit art cooperative

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Open call to all artists!

Prachtsaal (magnificent hall) stands as a nexus of arts, culture, and education, historically deeply woven into the social fabric of Berlin's Neukölln district. This architectural gem built in 1913 has welcomed dancers, actors, musicians, and artists from diverse mediums, as well as audiences in search of a unique cultural experience, newfound knowledge, skills, and beauty.

Who are we?

The “Prachtsaal eG” (registration pending) is a creative center carried by two legs that interact, mutually support and inspire each other. One leg is made up of a group of resident artists who use the space for their creative work, the other leg serves the public by offering an experimental space for expression, exploration, exchange and education. We aim for the space to be in a spirit of playfulness and meaning, of movement and introspection, of colour and sound, discovery and growth. We welcome all who come in an attitude of openness, tolerance and curiosity. We act as a non-profit cooperative (gemeinnützige Genossenschaft).

What are we aiming at?

  1. showcasing visual arts, music, and performances that embody creative expression across all mediums, while intersecting with the realms of humanities, society, science, and technology,
  2. providing affordable ateliers for artists,
  3. curating inclusive events for the benefit of the local community and a wider audience,
  4. educating all generations in art techniques and culture,
  5. promoting international artist collaborations on-site.

How are we achieving these aims?

  1. by supplying shared facilities to enable the exploration of various mediums,
  2. fostering a safe environment of diversity and inclusivity,
  3. facilitating physical access to the area by making it unchallenging to explore and use,
  4. upholding a democratic governance process,
  5. seeking professional support to fulfill our mission,
  6. undertaking required renovations and reconstructions,
  7. achieving economic sustainability of the space,
  8. ensuring non-profit status of Prachtsaal.